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9 Months C – Nakita Baby
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9 Months C

Summer_2015 730Our little C girl is growing like there’s no tomorrow. That saying fits quite perfectly when referencing this little bundle of joy. She is just over nine months old now and the light of everyone’s eye in this household. She is SO much fun, loveable, smart, chatty. She loves to talk, loves to sing, dance, and play. She has got her full-on Frankenstein walk going now too. She prefers walking to crawling and is determined to let you know what she wants exactly when she wants it. She has the nose of a bloodhound. She knows exactly when someone has food and she expects you to share it with her. But that, in no way, has slowed her down on the nursing. She’s still big on the breastmilk, and quite passionate about it too! She senses mamas and their energy. She will loving give a snuggle to my closest friends and it’s quite precious to see. She is quite the mama’s girl but adores each and every member of the family beyond belief. As much as she loves walking on her own and getting things done, she loves to be snuggled into the Ergo on my back to hitch that close ride and see just what the heck is going on at every moment of the day. She is a decent napper. She gets a good hardcore sleep on and then is ready to go. Concise and efficient! She already adores the beach like her sibs and me so it has made her first summer quite a joy. I just can’t believe we are rounding up the first year already. It feels clich√© to say that “time flies”…. but man! TIME.FLIES! She’s our last baby till we are graced with a grandbaby at some point in our future, so we are just soaking up each and every milestone here. All the yummy baby smells, baby noises, funny faces….. She’s a keeper I tell ya. Baby C is the bomb!

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