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5th Birthday – Nakita Baby
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5th Birthday

Rounding out our year of kid birthdays is our precious M. She turned five today! My first homebirth baby, and quite the ball of sweetness and spitfire all rolled up into one. Her smile and laugh is contagious. You can’t help but fill with joy when you see her happy.

Summer_Maeves bday_2015 556The day started off with a weird kick to it. The littles got out of bed early as usual but baby C climbed back into bed with me, nursed and we both dozed back off…. not waking till 10:20AM!!! Geesh. Have not had that kinda sleep in a long, long time. I rise feeling pretty fresh and exercise routine was to do my 5 mi run today, but I was also awaiting to hear what the bday girl chose for her big day adventure. (Due to the events that transpired I decided to do my run tomorrow so we could get on with the birthday festivities!)

Sibs made her mashed potatoes for breakfast (one of her favorites!). And during that time it seems overly apparent that birthday girl is not feeling all that great. Perhaps a nap is needed to fully enjoy the rest of her day? The choices of agenda for the day were apple picking, The Grove, or the zoo. She really wanted to do two events in the day and driving from the city on up to near the WI border was just not going to be able to happen…. especially since the decision process was so insanely trying for her that she had a major meltdown and crashed to nap mode for a good 30-45 minutes.

Not leaving the house till well after 2pm, it was opted to do the zoo and then we could go apple picking this upcoming week. She seemed appeased with that plan and was feeling loads better after that quicky cat nap.

We head out to the zoo, have an enormous blast! Loads of fun. And I come to the realization that my home/unschooling path has been FAR different with this set of littles than it was for my older kids when they were my littles. Times have changed, a LOT! And I plan to rectify that right-quick. We did have quite the chuckle when K points out the rhino and S replies, “I did not know they had dinosaurs at this zoo!” Eeeps….. time to step it up mama!!!! 😉

After closing out the zoo we had back home to make the requested favorite dinner: tuna casserole. Her all-time-favorite. She had been opening gifts *all* day long. Her sibs got her tons of stuff, and then her cousin/aunt/uncle combo from CA sent her a lovely box, and of course SBJ and myself had a bag of goodies. She was head-over-heels in love with ALL of the gifts. Got some super sweet pics.

Chocolate cake at nearly 10pm was the topper. She was about ready to pass out, but we enjoyed a very yummy, sweet, moist cake made by big sister D. It was such an amazing evening. I was even able to recount her birth with her as she lay in bed trying to chill and regain herself. We share a bed that rests in the very spot where her birthing tub was just 5 years ago today. And she emerged in that very tub, where she now sleeps five years later. This evening at exactly 8:21pm we were in a position to stop and take note that this was the exact time of her birth and it was all very special.

Being five will be an interesting adventure with her. I can tell she’s a whole new ballgame as it comes to personalities in this family. She has a brand new adventure in store for me and I’m excited to see just what that is!

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