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This year, we finally hit the nail on the head when it comes to our 4th of July celebrations. In the past we had always sort done what we thought we ought to despite what we really all felt like doing and never really had all that much fun. This year was a little different story, and really the only driving cause was this heat wave Chicago has been induced with the last week or so. It’s been scorching degrees of 105 at times (most of the time really). It was only yesterday that we finally received a slight break from the brutal. But due to the extreme heat we finally opted not to drag ourselves to the awful hot parade route. We do, honestly, LOVE a parade, however this route does not have that much shade to begin with. That which does exist is saved by a strung together row of lawn chairs days before the event. So, we opted to stay home and I cooked a very very yummy Domoda. It was perfect. Then the kids started to feel a little nostalgic….. as if we “ought” to go to the fireworks because, after all, it IS the 4th of July.

I did, in all honesty, attempt to bribe them with a family movie at the nice AC theaters in Evanston. OH, but those pitiful faces that pile loads of endless guilt on their poor mama’s back. But then, “OH, I have an idea!” We went to a 7pm show at Evanston theaters and parked at the very very top of the parking garage, where the top is open to the air. We saw Brave (VERY cute movie by the way!). Let out at 9pm, at which time we climbed to the top of the car garage and watched fireworks on the Evanston lakefront…. and several other suburbs too! It was pretty fun! Had the Evanston radio station on so we could hear the music playing for the firework display, and we beat much of the crowds. There were others who had the same idea as us, however it was not very crowded at all, and quite enjoyable, despite it being still 101 out!

M was not digging the firework noises, but as you see from the pics below….. she was a little pyro when we returned home and lit some sparklers. Was a really fun evening for us all! Here’s a resounding “YiPeE!” to new traditions.

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