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48 Hour Project (Continued) – Nakita Baby
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48 Hour Project (Continued)

k 48hr 2THE weekend came and went. It was a whirlwind and amazing. His team met on a Friday evening at Lawrence Fisheries. He was a part of the Filmmakers in Action group and they got their assignment that evening. Their criteria were to use a musicians name (given to them), a plate as a prop, and a given line (“Don’t touch me.”) Their specific group was assigned drama as their genre. That evening, the writers got to work developing their screenplay for their 4-7 minute film, K got to go home to sleep.

The very next day, weekend of the air and water show as I was surprised traffic was not horrendous, I drove him out to Evergreen Park. It was a good hour drive to get him there. Got him all set up with his group and headed back home. I got a few updates along the way via text, but most of the details at the end of the day. He was in the film for a few shots, and then he got to hold the boom mic and the camera for parts of it. Oh, and some prop work as well. Overall, he got a ton of experience for these guys not knowing him from a hole in the wall!

Sunday was an editing day and they needed to submit the film by 7pm. Seemed the director was having some issues with the editing process so there was a team working on that end of it. K would have loved to be involved in that process. He does have quite a bit of experience, however they seemed to feel they were in over their heads at that point in time. He got Sunday off 😉

k 48hr 1We eagerly awaited…. just a mere four days later his film would be playing on a big screen at Logan (Square) Theater!!!! He was among Group E and they where one of about 13 that were playing that evening. Their movie “Sweet Revenge” ended up being pretty good. It was up there with the other higher ranking ones. It was thrilling to see the end product…. AND….. he was credited in the movie as being the “Assistant Camera Operator!!!” E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G!!!

During the process he made a few connections, and the potential for future PA work! It was exciting to see him find his way in this new world. Seeing all of this excitement and being a part of it all. He stayed for the Q & A after the films were played to see that process as well. He stood with his a part of his crew for pics afterwards:

k 48hr 3Then, just a week later they were having the awards ceremony. They have the ‘best of’s” in just about every category, plus audience choice awards as well as the overall runner up and winner of the festival. I got to sneak out that night with him to catch that process as well. We saw some really fabulous short films, some even made as a one-man-team. He was truly inspired by those! Then he got to see the award ceremony and he was kinda flying high I’d say. I hope this feeling carries him into future projects and endeavors.

It was quite the experience of a lifetime when you’re a mere 13 years old. Most would not have even given him time of day due to his age, let alone the opportunity to truly put his skills to work. I’m proud of the huge, sometimes very uncomfortable steps he needed to take that weekend to make it all happen. He worked with folks from all walks of life and backgrounds, and he truly put himself out there to be a part of it all. Kudos K!!!!

UPDATE!!!! The Chicago 48 Hour Film Project has posted some videos on their FB page! Fun stuff to look back at! We thoroughly enjoyed the runner up! We were laughing hard 😉


(Only viewed through FB.)

RUNNER UP (We liked better 🙂 ):





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