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48 Hour Film Project – Nakita Baby
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48 Hour Film Project

I’m over the moon excited for K!
The past month or more we have been truly delving into the film world attempting to find him connections, encourage his work and exploration, help establish a website for him, etc. He was fortunately enough, through a very dear friend, to find an amazing mentor in the industry. He got to sit with him for a long while and they truly talked deep into the film world and he seemed to come away from that interaction with new sparks, new inspiration, new drive. It was a beautiful thing. As I have been doing the same diving deep for D in her endeavors, I also searched further for K to see if I could find an established group that he might be able to meet with, chat with, or even work with.

During that adventure I found this neat little Meet Up group…. Frankly I thought Meet Up was kinda a thing of the past, however in this instance, it has served us wonders! As I scoured the film groups I found one that had an upcoming event….. The 48 Hour Film Project. I click on over the website and begin absorbing all there is to know about this amazing opportunity. I think, wow…. if K could be on a team for one of these projects…. what an experience that would be. So I fill out the online app to become a “part of a team.” We are not hearing anything back for a day or two, and I ask K to reach out to his new mentor. He unfortunately does not have any connections this year, but just as he’s receiving that response, I’m realizing that not only is this Meet Up going to the screenings…. they are *doing* the project! They submitted to participate as a team!

I reach out to the group leader or moderator and see if they would consider having K on their team. Through a few emails and phone call to discuss further, he’s IN! He starts tomorrow on the Filmmakers in Action group/crew. He has a full 48 hour weekend to create an amazing short film. AND, the film he works on creating will be shown during their film festival in Logan Square. He’s in group E which airs Thursday evening…. red carpet and all.

He seems so insanely calm to me. I would be bouncing off the walls and back. He is extremely excited, and a wee nervous. He mentioned being worried he’s going to screw something up. But I know he’s gonna be fabulous! Just fabulous! And what an insanely amazing opportunity for someone so young. I joked with him and asked him if he’s been thinking about his red carpet outfit yet…. (he had :-D)

Unschooling at it’s greatest…. fo’sho’ !!!


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