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40 weeks! – Nakita Baby
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40 weeks!

40 weeksWe are in the final countdown! Just 2-3 days from EDD! I can’t believe how quickly this 40 weeks went by. Can’t believe this is it. Can’t believe this *IS* it! I’m ready, and yet not. I rub this belly constantly cherishing every last second of this pregnancy because we are done. No more babies in this J-Kunda. We are so insanely blessed, and I have had such an amazing pregnancy phase of life, I have finally closed this chapter in my mind, body and soul and ready to move on and cherish the next phase(s).

We are *all* SOOOO eager to find out who this new being is. We have hypothesized about him/her for months and months now. I have to say, the first pregnancy where I truly don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. Not that we ever found out for sure the other times we were pregnant, but I just knew…. intuition. I knew whether we were having a boy or a girl. And I had been right all along. This time…. I’m stumped, and LOVING every minute of it. Makes it even more exciting, and the anticipation that much more intense. I simply can’t wait to meet this wee one. And to see how all of my little “hints” fall into place after finally finding out.

All week I have been bracing myself for “this is it.” I had several great “working” sessions where I thought things might take off and we might actually meet this lil’ person early….. earlier than most J-babies at least! And each time was met with another lull…. another waiting period. The anticipation may kill us all 😉 But also just so worth this ‘grande finale’ for the J-Kunda home.

I anticipate we will meet this newest member by Sept 1st. That, at the very least, has always been at the back of my mind, and I do think, at the very least, I may have that intuition nailed. I wonder if, before then, I might resolve in my mind whether we will be meeting a new girl baby or boy baby? 😉 Doubt it. At least till then, I will enjoy this enormous Buddha belly and cherish the last-of-the-last. We have done absolutely everything we could possible “do” to prepare for this newest arrival, and now we sit and await!


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