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Summer Bliss

ShareIt’s been a great summer! Hot, hot, hot! But we have been enjoying every minute. Quicky updates: I’m feeling much, MUCH better, as is M. She is WALKING now! I can’t get over that one. Only about 5-6 wobbly steps, but she prefers to try over and over and will be truly cruising with in a week I’m sure of […]

R & R

ShareOk, so maybe not exactly a little get-away that would provide that. Lord knows I would surely love to just go away for a bit and get some rest and just be able to ‘sit’…. really. But the next best thing? How about 4 hours in a Starbucks with NO kids?! ; ) Last week I we received in the […]

Full Moon

ShareTonight is an amazing full moon and I had zero motivation to get the kids down to the full moon jam. I have been a bit down in the last couple of days. Mostly a physical thing, but that seems to be taking a toll on the emotional as well. It’s been building for quite some time and feeling so […]

The 4th

ShareWe have deemed ourselves “graduates” after this year’s 4th celebrations. We made it through an entire 4th of July parade AND the complete firework show. That has yet to happen in history till this date, and we remain quite proud that it happened this year! ; ) It was a nice lay-low kinda day, and just perfect for our lil’ […]


ShareOHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. the urge is coming on! I really really (really) thought this was the year I’d grow my hair back out…. but you know, it’s really starting to drive me nuts again! I think it’s coming off by this weekend! I’ve been scopin’ out hairstyles online when I really should be doing other stuff!! And I think I just have […]