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NEW! Wintertime Babywearing Poncho!

ShareThis is my latest item for sale! The winter-time babywearing poncho! It’s so warm n’ toasty, stylish and convenient for mama and adds an extra layer of warmth for baby! Great to wear with all front a back carriers as poncho could be flipped around, though I find it easier to have baby on front for in-out of car, home, […]

One week count down!

ShareSo we are in the final week of the Nakita Baby Mei Tai Giveaway! It’s been so great to receive all of the feedback, comments and stories! I have even exchanged an email or two with some of you regarding your posts! Receiving a new post always puts a smile on my face. Not only am I thrilled that people […]

Winter Fun….

Share This week we had a small winter time adventure visiting friends. Since the snow had come down in mass quantity, I decided was too lazy to dig out the car, so we would walk to the train and take it to downtown Evanston to visit…. Along the way they were able to play in the snow and it was […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

ShareD tells me today that she would like to be the person that helps the people ride Silver (the pony she fell in love with this Fall…. aka, horse trainer! K says that he is going to open a store called “Everything Bionicle”. This store will have every single Bionicle known to many, thousands of different parts, masks, comic books, […]


ShareSo during the morning today, or maybe it was early afternoon as we were sitting munchin’ on something together at the table. K and D were telling jokes to each other…. At first everyone was in stitches and truly enjoying…. minutes later K tries to get a bit serious and says, “I’m going to teach you that D”. And she […]

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Share Here is this year’s ornament that went out earlier this week! Wishing everyone a happy holidays and hope everyone received in one piece! We’ve had nice couple of days. The kids convinced me to celebrate xmas all month long so they opened a xmas present yesterday. I thought I was picking out a good one to give…. but ended […]