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D funnies…

ShareYou just gotta love his girl….. I’m buring the midnight oil…. trying to do ‘some’ work on the computer, and she comes out of the bedroom to find me….. She comes up and sits down and I say, “hey D, what’s up???” She sits and stares off…. no answer…. Me – “What’s happening?” D- no response Me – ” D?” […]

Mei Tai’s for sale now!!!

ShareI currently have three Mei Tai’s for sale now…. ready to go to a warm and loving family wanting to carry their babe close to their hearts! The first two are brand new, made farely recently. Gorgeous West African batiks from The Gambia depicting a mother carrying child on her back. The first pictured below is of beautiful blues and […]

Economic Blessing… feeding souls

ShareSo, holidays seem to naturally have families take a step back and think more deeply about family, traditions and what’s truly important to each and every one of us in this fascinating place and time we call life. This year seems to be even more so, considering the economic wabble going on across the country… and world for that matter. […]

Good tidings….

ShareSo Thanksgiving was quite lovely. We visited mom and it was just us and she cooked a wonderful feast for us. Sat and chatted the day/evening away and truly enjoyed a wonderful day. The kids were thrilled to be a Grandma’s for so long. K has this funny thing…. when he’s had a really awesome time, he’ll rant and rave […]

Ring Slings

ShareOne of my most favorite gifts to mama’s and their babies are ring slings. Nakita Baby designs slings of very natural, neutral colors with vibrant and elegant batik pockets. The pockets not only add a beautiful and stunning splash of color, life and personality, but offer a versatile way to carry the basics (ie. cell phone, keys, wallet, an extra […]

Deck the Halls!

ShareSo the kids have not even gotten to Thanksgiving yet and they have been begging me to set up the Christmas decorations already! They wanted to enjoy them starting a week ago! We have finally done so today. It was quite fun actually…. this year D was quite in to doing all of the decorating *with* me! (I usually seem […]