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I love you

ShareAt bedtime this evening…. D: “Mommy, I love you” me: “I love you too D” D: “I love you SO much!” me: “I love you very very much” D: “….. Mommy…….. I love you more than a pig.” Ahhhh….. to be loved more than a pig = )

Other summer fun

Share I realize that I am very slow in getting the pics uploaded…. but here are some other summer fun-happenings. K tested for his blue-stripe belt in karate and we had a really fun day at a water-type/fountain park with Grandma near her house! (I think this is one of the few pics we have of Grandma!!! Except for maybe […]

Cicada Killer aka Sphecius

Share These have been the talk of the town lately. We seem to have a few nests of these guys perched outside our front door. So each morning we leave it is a “mad dash” by K and D as they are just positive these things are not just after cicadas! Today we found one….. laying dead. D wanted to […]

The BIG 3 MO!

Share That’s him…. little man is already 3 months old! Can’t believe how the time is flying. Can’t believe how ‘solid’ he feels in my arms. Becoming a true ‘little man’!!! Weighing in at nearly 16 lbs. and already 25 in. long! He’s quite the charmer. Will coo and goo at just about anyone…. as long as mommy or daddy […]