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AC Rock

ShareMy new love. Today we spent the entire day (literally something like 7 hours) water-logging ourselves at Grandpa’s pool. It was such a beautiful day. Needless to say we were all famish so grabbed a bite to eat (very!) nearby and then decided to stop in on the local summer concert in the park. WOW! What a group was singing […]


ShareSummer is just plain fun, isn’t it? Why don’t more of us (namely me) be this carefree as this all year long? Something I just must train myself to do!!! Much more often than I do! So today we started with D and I running out for a quick Freecycle errand. We picked up some goodies! (TOYS!) Among were some […]


Share Great day for a car wash! We has such fantastic weather and we earned a whopping $128 for KidsFirst! We are a great amount of au pairs show and a pretty decent amount of cars. Of course the first time around is always a learning experience, so looking for bigger and better next year! SBJ took the big kids […]


ShareSo, karate was cancelled for today b/c all teachers were competing in the world karate champs or something along those lines. K actually seemed bummed about it. As of late, he did not seemed as enthused about karate, but today he really wanted to go…. go figure. Having SBJ home is very lovely in the AM’s. He is so great […]

“Too Cute… “

Share Leaving Baker’s Square this evening a woman stopped me and said…. “oh your children are TOOOOO cute!”….. “Oh thank you very much, ” I replied….. As we walked towards our car, I repeated “tooo cute!”….. “What do you think?” K replies, “Mommy I’m too old to be cute! I’m COOOOLLLL!”