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True test…

ShareToday was not the greatest… I feel achy all over from the amount of stress resulting from a day of ‘rage’. It seemed that not a one of us woke on the right side of the bed, and that not one was happy to see the other. It was one of those days that I sit back and question… “am […]

Lions, Jaguarundis and setting traps…

ShareSo we were having this amazingly great winter weather and taking advantage of not freezing our butts off, we headed to Reyerson’s Conversation Area. K literally could have been there ALL day long. He is a true nature boy and was just loving all of the uprooted trees. We had received tons of rain last summer and it appears in […]

Ok… so I stink

ShareI am just not the best blogger in the world! I envy the women who are able to put time and energy into their blogs! I enjoy every minute of their writings, their pictures… their links… I am trying and trying. I find this a beautiful expression of what life has been for us as unschoolers… as we slowly but […]