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So this is what it’s like…

ShareSo, here I am really REALLY trying to “let go”… of virtually everything so ingrained in me, that it’s really become an intense process. But truly inspired by the radical unschoolers I have had the pleasure of reading of and about, and truly wanting this lifestyle to become so natural that I don’t even have to think about it any […]

The other afternoon…

ShareK got into his dinasour excitment. He goes back in forth between the wild cats and the prehistoric animals… and even more so… the prehistoric wild cats! Anyway, in the past he has always asked that we find audio, online, to hear what certain wild cats (or any animal for that matter) sounds like. He intently listens and attempts to […]

ZOO lights!

ShareAn adventure to Brookfield Zoo to see the zoo lights! What a sight… We have never been to this zoo before. Arrived quite early thinking that we’d see a bunch of the animals and it took us a good 2 hours just to get through 3 exhibits. The lights were spectacular and we enjoyed the evening. Grandma went with… broken arm […]

Time to ponder…

ShareIt’s been some time… a little hiatus is just what I needed to try to figure things out… more so for myself, and then for our family. I had found myself on straying paths, not too sure which way we were headed and what we were doing in everyday life was ‘right’ for us. After the wonderful summer camp we […]