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1st tooth! – Nakita Baby
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1st tooth!

So while K is loosing teeth left and right, we had an amazing feel at S’s FIRST tooth breaking this morning!!! ; )

Too cute. He won’t let us see it, and I’ve only rubbed it once. If you tickle him on his back he’ll open wide enough to catch a peek! ; )

Mr. S is 8 months old now….. trying to stand and furniture walk…. cruisin’ on hands and knees everywhere, very interested in food and wants to eat something everytime the big kids are eating….. but usually amounts to just a bite or two.

Sweetest, calmest disposition with a pretty tough-guy flare. He definitly let’s the big kids know when he wants them to back off and it’s pretty funny. By far…. he’s the worst sleeper of the 3, but I am very very hopeful that past the gist of the teething we may eventually get some sleep. (Hopefully! ; )

Just had to report the big news!
We are feeling whimpy and stuck inside. We’ve had over a foot of snow grace us in the last couple of days and temps are now (today and next couple of days) dipping below zero. I feel less than motivated on these sub-zero days to get out with all 3…. but at the very least we had a great run at the sledding hill with a group of homeschoolers yesterday. Several came out to enjoy the snow and each others company and it was quite fun….

Off to get the Boober a little ‘shnappy’…

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