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1st BDAY


This baby….. THIS baby…. she just R.O.C.K.S.!!!! She is a little ball of spitfire. She is determined, funny (hilarious actually), cuddly, smart as smart can be, active, walkin’!!!, talkin’!!!!…… DANCING and SINGING kinda baby. She is everyone’s pride and joy. These siblings…. they just eat her up ALLLLLL day long. She’s a blessing among this already A.M.A.Z.I.N.G bunch of kids (if I do say so myself ūüėČ !!!

Today…. today we celebrated her first birthday! My mind is simply blown just how quickly this year went by. I do literally feel like I was *just* pregnant. This pregnancy was a very very special one in my journey as mother and woman. Having had two miscarriages prior to her pregnancy, AND having the birth experiences I have had, I felt I was in¬†a position to have an unassisted birth with her. I remember vividly the summer before her birth, our trip, our¬†endless time on the beach¬†and the many visualizations I had to prepare myself for such a pivotal point in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed rereading my PART ONE and then my PART TWO. What a vivid amazing tale this family has created on our adventure through life!!!

chyler1YR_3Today was the perfect chill kinda day….. exactly like the day of her birth. I got out for my run this AM and this very cool/chill breeze blew across my face. I was immediately brought back to the time in my birthing tub. I had labored in and out of water that night. In the wee hours of the morning I felt compelled to get in the water. And I remember getting so insanely hot I asked the fam to open the windows. As they sat there chilled to the bone I felt this cool crisp breeze across my face and it was exactly what I needed at that very moment. It was not much later¬†than that time did C come into this world to meet us for the first time ever.

After my run we enjoyed a very late breakfast together…. again much like the day of the birth. Since she was born just before 5am, we had all climbed back into bed…. all together actually…. and enjoyed an extended morning sleep. K and D prepared breakfast for us that morning. It was such a special moment for us all. Quiet, at home, enjoying our brand new member of our family.

After breakfast (which was more like a lunch/brunch), C was ready for a nap. While she slept we got to play some Wii and enjoy time together. Before SBJ went off to work, we had birthday cake and presents. She was not the biggest fan of the cake as she does not seem like to like cakey or bready things. But she did like the icing. One of her gifts was a CD of Meghan Trainer songs/album. She is one of the biggest fans. So, inevitably we had a dance party…. of course. And, to stay in tune with our Saturday night family movie night, we watched Wall-e. A truly chill, fun, and amazing day to celebrate this pretty awesome human being.

chyler1YR chyler1YR_2

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