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10 week countdown. . .

Yep…. can’t believe it, but yep…. we are entering the 10 week countdown. Of course… if this lil’ one plans on coming around his/her due date! But yep, I just can’t fathom really. It’s something that just dawned on me while doing a little count, and realizing that I was actually in the 3rd trimester already. That was a shocker. Time has flown by so quickly. I am very eager to find out if this lil’ one is a boy or a girl, yet don’t want it to go too fast as this is the last pregnancy adventure and I’m really feeling that transition big-time as well.

So this week was pretty busy and fun. I suppose most of this summer has been just that… busy and fun. The 4th of July we did the Evanston parade for some part of it and then flew off to Lakeview where SBJ had a job interview. One he is very very hopeful and interested in landing. (He had the second interview on Tuesday and is awaiting a call back with an offer. The only question is what that offer might be? Fingers crossed!!! as he really wants this one!) After the interview we grabbed a treat at the newly found DQ closer to home than we had anticipated. Our family favorite is the chocolate french silk and man is it YUMMY! It’s a bit dangerous to realize that it’s just down the street from the midwife’s office, and we are now going for a prenatal visit every 2 weeks : )

That evening the kids were set on trying the fireworks again this year. I was apprehensive b/c they haven’t gone so well in the past. My comprimise was to attempt them over at James Park up on the big huge sledding hill. I figured since we could see the Sears Tower from there, we’d probably be able to see more than one suburb blowing up stuff in the sky. Well, that was a pretty good idea in theory, however I had not realized that there was indeed some concert going on in the park, so it was jammed packed full of people. And that was not so horrible as we were climbing the hill where there weren’t so many people… The ‘thing’ was that there were a few rascals hangin’ out up there shooting things off themselves. And several of them popped way too close for comfort. After a few freak-outs by a few, we left. It was just not as much fun anymore, and several were upset by the random works going off at their heads.

Ahhh…. so only come to find out that the 4th was being celebrated in Glenview on the 5th. So I thought, why not end this holiday on a better note and go over there for the day. So we headed to the GV parade and enjoyed some very cool bands, costumes and performances, and chased that with a full day at G’pas pool. I brought food along to cook at G’pas house, and we enjoyed the yard, watered the garden and watched a movie on G’pas gi-normous TV screen. We attempted to stay long enough for the GV fireworks, but after the extreme heat and 5 full hours in the pool, many were pooped and ready for our drive home.  So we passed on that one and headed home to bed.

Since K was hooked on ‘scuba diving’ at that point, we headed to the beach the next day to give that a whirl. We had a really nice afternoon romping at the beach, collecting rocks and building sand castles. Then Wed. I suckered everyone into a rest day as I needed a break before the rest of the week of park days, a b-day party at the forest preserve and catching up with friends.

Yesterday we had a really fun trek down to Millennium Park. We went for the Great Performers Festival, but spent more time playing in water and enjoying the park itself. It was a lovely time had by all. I came home totally pooped and crashed with the kids at about 8p or 8:30p and slept through till 9a today! It was awesome. No wonder kids have so much energy! I should take better note to that, but it’s really very hard for me not to take advantage of the late night conscious quiet time that I get when they all go to bed! ; )

This AM, D and I had our first mother-daughter gentle circle time. It got off to a rough start upon our arrival, but I think overall she enjoyed it and hopefully will become better as time goes on. Time will tell I am sure. I think really she craves more one-on-one with me vs with other people in the group, so I’m not 100% this is the right venue for us, but I think time together will determine which avenue to venture down. Till then, it is fun to gather with others.

I’m off to warm up spaghetti for one, find cheetos for another, and maybe a big-fat diet coke for myself!

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